Olympus CR-3 Cradle DS-4000

Olympus CR-3 Cradle DS-4000

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The Olympus CR-3 docking station is for the Olympus DS-4000, DS-3300 and DS-2300.  It is a multifunctional device that allows your dictaphone to neatly stand on your desk as well as connect via USB cable to your computer so you can download your voice files quickly and easily.


  • Fast download via USB
  • Recharge function for battery pack BR402 (not DS-2300)
  • Allows hands free dictation with DS-4000 and DS-3300
  • Further suitable to place your DS-2300 nicely on the desk
  • This package does not contain the USB Download Cable or Power Adapter. The cables are sold separately. Please see the "Available Accessories" Tab for the USB KP11 download cable and the Olympus D7AC Power AC Adapter

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