About Us

Since 1965 Office Business Systems (OBS) has been recognized as one of New Jersey's most trusted, experienced and innovative providers of office technology.

Earning a reputation in our long history of providing exceptional customer service, today we continue to enjoy partnerships with customers who go back to the early days of our company's history.

Our customers tell us that we listen and understand the goals and objectives they have and that we present flexible and scalable technology solutions that meet their needs today and into the future.

Serving specific markets such as Government, Education, Legal and Healthcare require that our Sales Consultants and Technical Representatives be experts in the unique applications that these different markets have, therefore enabling us to guide our customers in choosing the best solution for their needs.

Award winning service, market expertise, innovative technology consulting, experience and most important customers who have continued to rely on us since the early days. Make Office Business Systems one of the choices you must consider when evaluating your technology plans.

Superior customer care for 50 years, Office Business Systems has the experience it takes that produce the results you need to achieve your goals. Let us show you as we have so many of our satisfied customers how our service, knowledge and experience can make your next office technology implementation rewarding and productive







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