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Court Recorder NJ


Courts are mandated to keep records of proceedings, but keeping high quality records is difficult challenge without state-of-the-art FTR Recorders from the Office Business Systems (OBS). We have been in business for almost 50-years and during those years we have provided court systems around New Jersey with recording solutions that allow for superior audio with video support.

We have a number of solutions to make court recording easy: FTR Reporter, a complete recording system for courts, and FTR Touch, a standalone platform for high quality audio for cash strapped courts.

FTR Reporter

Our complete court recording solution, FTR Reporter allows court rooms to easily capture every bit of speech that passes through a microphone. Our system allows for capture, playback, annotation, and archive proceedings of trials and hearings. The reporter allows up to 8-channel recording, capability to save audio into CDs, IP camera support, and much more. For a complete list of features and tech specification see the reporter’s PDF brochure.

Standalone System: FTR Touch NJ

FTR Touch is an innovative standalone digital court audio recording system with easy to use user interface that allows a clerk or a court staff to simply press the record button and the device begins to captures the proceedings. FTR Touch - Court Recorder NJ

If your court room is using outdated recording systems that are fuzzy and capture unwanted noise when replaying than you can add the FTR touch as a short-term solution to capture high quality audio.

FTR Touch does not require any connection to the existing system; it is more like a portable audio recorder with easy to use touch screen display that provides crystal clear audio.

A Trusted Local Company

OBS is a local company based out of Lincoln Park, NJ, serving the entire Northeast: New York (NY), Pennsylvania (PA), Connecticut (CT), and Delaware (DE).
Our FTR products come with installation and one year warranty. The warranty is there to ensure a peace of mind for the court administrator, allowing them to worry about one less thing during their daily operations.

Free Consultation and Demonstration

We offer free demonstration of our products so you know exactly what you will be getting; and our expert consultants with decades of experience can make adaption of new technologies easy for conservative courts. Call us at (973) 575-6550 with your questions or to request a free consultation or demonstration. You can also send us an email for a quick response by clicking our email us page.

Brochures: FTR Reporter | FTR Touch